Continuation FAQ II.

:: Continuation Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ II.

How is looking pasta produced with your kneading pasta machine, is looking as 
that commercial?

- Pasta produced with our kneading pasta machines is looking really professionally, exactly as that commercial,the different we can only taste. If we use egg enriched recipes the colour of our pasta is extraordinary looking thanks to yellow contains eggs. In commerce are using only dried ingredients from eggs, not exactly eggs, that’s why homemade pasta when properly prepared has a tender and pleasing quality which is most delicious. Moreover, extrusion trough the dies which are made in bronze, creates the right porosity and this  holding as well the souse.  

Does fresh pasta fatten?
- At pare to the proportions, fresh pasta is definitely more voluminous in comparison with dry pasta, (it is because contains more humidity, fresh pasta has capacity to maintain absorbed water, which than will be eliminated with drying process). This create a major sensation of satiety, all advantages to hold the line.

Is possible to produce also very short pasta shapes (for soups), and the cous–cous?  
- Of Course, is very easy produce all kinds of shapes suitable for soups. Also cous-cous is looking to be a hand made.

Does your kneading pasta machines for home and professional use necessities some maintains in time?   
- Absolutely no, there is any type of maintaining, not even in time and with intense use. There is only important to clean each time at the end of work.  

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