Continuation FAQ III.

:: Continuation Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ III.

I wish to open a small pasta laboratory and I don’t understand too much about pasta machines, acquiring from your company, have I possibility to receive some instruction how to operate your professional kneading pasta machine, do you make also course?   - Yes,  of course.  It’ll  be  our  care to provide  a  complete   preparation  to all our costumers. We supply also a video which explaining  in each point how to use The professional kneading pasta machine. 

What is the use of dies with Teflon?
- The surface of pasta produced  with dies in Teflon is looking very smoothly, exactly as that commercial. Don’t have that porosity, so characteristic of artisan or home made pasta.    

Is possible to wash up the removable parts of your pasta machine into the dishwasher?
- Certainly,  without any problem.  But even  a simply  dry cleaning is sufficient. If you have prepared right dough is not necessary to use water, is very handy to pass the sponge over. 

What quantity of pasta shapes can I produce with your pasta machines for professional use?
- You have ability to produce more than 600 multitude of pasta shapes.

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