Continuation FAQ IV.

:: Continuation Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ IV.

What drying time is necessary for preservation of pasta into the glass tins, having a guarantee that closed pasta don’t grows madly?Is possible to preserve also freezing? - All depends from area temperature and from humidity presents in area. After our fresh   pasta  is  made we can start  to dry by handing the pasta over some kind of device, such  as a wooden  drying clothes racks.  We can be sure, that let it air dry some day is sufficient. However, pasta is ready to be reserved in glass tins when is completely  dry (when  pasta  is  absolutely stiff on  touch, folding  breaks clear, is ready to  be closed  into the tins). Preservation in  freezer  is an excellent solution which will  maintained all  characters  and qualities of  fresh pasta. Here we want to underscore  that  freeze  pasta  must  be cooked  some  minutes  out  from  freezer in  plenty of rapidly boiling water, we may add some oil to the cooking water, it foams not only  prevents  the pasta  from sticking  together, but also reduce the volume of starch   foam in the boiling water.  

Is healthy eat pasta?
- It recommended (also daily use) all  most important alimentary specialists. It is a uncontested king of  Mediterranean  cooking,  and is coming back in fashion again everywhere, above all thanks to theirs healthy features.

Is possible to produce pasta using flour from rise, most in fashion these years?
- Yes, it is, without any problem. This kind of pasta tastes good, is light but above all is very dietetic. However, with  the same results is possible to use also integral flour or flour from maize.