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Is simply produce fresh pasta using your kneading pasta machine?
- Yes, is extraordinary simply and also very fast, in a few minutes you can produce a lot of pasta ready to cook.

Is cheap to produce properly homemade pasta, should I spare something?
- Certainly,  there are an excellent quality  hard  durum  semolina  purpose  in  supermarkets, also at very low price.

How tastes home made pasta? Is there a difference between home made pasta and the best pastas purpose in supermarkets?
- The home  made  pasta definitely  tastes  better and  the difference in comparison with that commercial is reaeally remarkable. This different depends above all from drying time, the excellent pasta need to have a very slowly drying  process.

Is possible to prepare various flavoured pasta with your kneading pasta machine?      
- Yes, this is one of the advantages to prepare your own homemade pasta, you can add  herb, carrot, spinach  or tomato and change not only colour of your pasta but also and above all the taste.

How many shapes of pasta can I produce at home with your kneading pasta machine? -  With one of our kneading pasta machines for home use you can produce over the 100 pasta shapes . The  catalogue  contains  a variety  of classic,  rustically  or more eccentric pasta dies.

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