:: Pasta machine or Pasta maker


:: Pasta maker 25kg/h

The machine doesn’t need any maintenance, although proper cleaning is recommended after every use, especially those parts in contact with food.

:: Kneading Pasta Machine mod. MA 75 SUPER COMPACT

Professional kneading pasta machine equipped with electronic dough knife, made completely in stainless steel. It is perfect for restaurant and small laboratories on beginning activity.

:: Kneading Pasta Machine mod. MA 50 ELECTRA

A compact extruder suitable for all sizes of long pasta

:: Kneading Pasta Machine mod.MC 300 DINAMIC

A professional kneadng pasta machine with double basin mixer suitable for continuous work. Machine is equipped with a water cooling system for extraction tube.

:: Kneading Pasta Machine mod. MA 30 KARINA

Small professional kneading pasta machine, not only for home use

:: Kneading Pasta Machine mod. MB 100 ACTIVA

Pasta machine with the hourly output of 20kg. The machine is supplied with a forced air cooling system and tray with fan.