Instructions and Doses

:: Instructions for use and Doses for a correct dough

                  How to  use  kneading pasta machine:

1.    Place the flour  into the tank  and gradually add water, 
       lay kneading in position “1” (IMPASTE) for 10 minutes.

2.    Stop machine and lay it in position “0” (STOP) for a moment.

3.    Take machine in position “2”  (ESTRUDE) and wait that going out
        first extrusion cleans as well the die.

4.    According to type of pasta machine; Apply  the dough knife.

5.    Extrude whole dough containing into the tank  trough the choices dies.
       The procedure goes very fast and you will be amazed how much pasta you
       have produced in a few minutes.  

6.    Extract all removable parts and proceed with cleaning.


                  The doses for a right Italian pasta dough:

For  preparation  of  original   Italian  pasta  we  give  at  disposition  the  doses  only Indicatively, which  than  will correct  the consumer, according to proper enjoyment. However, it  is  important  to  remember, that  amount of water  used, will be alwaysvariable of the type of flour used, of ambient humidity, and also if we wish to produce egg enriched pasta.  Is even very important  to underscore, that the right dough seems to be a perfect crumble (absolutely not homogeneous). The dough should not contain too much humidity (is tiring to cut short pasta) but not even too littleness of humidity ( it is a risk that dry pasta becomes breakable). 

Classic Italian Pasta:

1 kg of flour (the best and most tender pastas are made from hard durum wheat,
                            called semolina or pasta flour)
                            330 – 350ml of tepid water 
(we remember that amount of water used  must always overtaken 330 – 350ml)

Pasta with eggs:

1 kg of flour (our purpose is to combines 500g of classic soft wheat flour and
                     500g of hard durum wheat flour (semolina) )
         4-5 eggs (only yellow) + tepid water (to mix together)
(we remember that amount of liquid used must always  overtaken 330 – 350ml)

Lasagna sheets dough:

1 kg of flour(forperfectly soft and pliable dough we advice to use soft wheat flour)
4-5 eggs (only yellow), tepid water, 2 desert–spoons of olive oil (to mix together)
(we remember that amount of liquid  used must always overtaken 330 – 350ml