Good to Know

:: Is good to know

All of our kneading  pasta machines has been studied and designed in each minimum particular for guarantee  one serious  and solid mechanics, giving so  a possibility to produce fresh pasta of the best quality and very professional looking.  

Realized completely in special Stainless  Steel  for Alimentary, committed, simply to use; all our pasta machines are build with high quality  materials in addition, respecting all Sanitary and Security International Norms.

Been a very test product, don’t necessity absolutely  any  type of servicing, not even with intense use. There is only  important  to  CLEAN  all times at the end of work. This very simply operation, (how  all parts in contact with dough are easy removable for be clean) allows  to maintain your machine marvelous in time.
They 're perfect for production, manufacturing and preservation any type of fresh, dry and stuffed pasta. Using  the special  pasta  dies  (in bronze) which are available upon request, you can produce  over the 600  different  pasta shapes. There is possibility to change the using die whatever we want  during the extrusion. You have to simply stop machine, change  with   another  one  and  go  on  with  our  production. So it is, that  is possible  to  produce  more  different  shapes of  pasta  during  only dough.

With the special  die of  "lasagne sheet" is possible  prepare  the  pasta sheets (width 260 mm  for  Mod.  MB100 ACTIVA,  MB200 OPTIMA,  MC300  DINAMIC and 160mm for Mod.  Piccola Modena,  MA30 KARINA,  MA50 ELECTRA,  MA75 SUPER  COMPACT ) for production   of   lasagne,  canneloni,  ravioli,  tortellini  a.s.o.,  as well as traditional Italian specialities.

Is extraordinary versatile, allows the use of any type of flour: classic white, semolina, integral, biological and  also flour from rice. You can  add  the colour ingredients as a tomato spinach, carrot, zafferano, fungus etc.  for creation of very funny colour pasta. For the correct dough  we  invite  dear visitors  to consult  our page "INSTRUCTIONS" and DOSES", is very important  to remember, that  it mast  be always looking as a perfect crumble.