Direct Commerce

::Why Direct Commerce?

Purchase  directly  from manufacturer is always more profitable. Besides  the great customer services You can find  an excellent  prices and a  guarantee of absolutely transparencies. With its consolidated experiences in  direct commerce everywhere in the world   VICENTIA    is ready to make you spare your money and time.

We  have  always  felt  privileged   for  the  direct  access. Tired  to seeing  constant increases prices we have take decision to set up this direct commerce using our new website  for  two reasons;  first  it  allows us to  lower our prices, second  it takes us possibility  to communicate directly  and  most  efficiently   with  our customers and therefore  improving  service  levels. To  give  opportunely  however information and dialogize with costumers, it was  always a firm  point of our company. Don’t have any collaborations  with   representatives  and  agents, the  sales  process  become direct to consumer and  we  can  offer  remarkable low  prices. One of  the most  important aspects  of the  INTERNET  surely is,  communication,  service  and  rapidity, with no  barriers  of  distances,  any  time  of   the  day or  night. It  allows  us  to  update our information’s and  documents  in  real  time, without dispending with  the services of representatives and  expansive  retail  outlets. As a  result ;  the costumers – whether they be, in Germany or in Russia or by  a short distance  from our company, can make worthwhile savings.