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VICENTIA    carries  its kneading  pasta machines into the world, spreading a unique style   that   communicates   reliability,  creativity   and   above   all   functionality everywhere. Working in close collaboration with the producers in whose products he trusts most, have put together an extensive selection that allows consumers to  get their hands on some truly great pasta machine without having to travel any distance or shell out more than they should.

VICENTIA is a company where whole producing process is regulate with well precisely norms. Specialised in kneading pasta machine  manufacturing, at all times in research about  technical  innovation and highest quality, knows  all response to answer  most attentive   consumers,   regarding   confidence,  style   and   robustness.  Produce  its machines availing to the creativity of theirs affirmative engineers end of the technical and  aesthetical   experiences   in  each  manufacture.  Realised   only  with carefully  sort out materials, using the artisan technique and new age technologies, all products are made  with the  expert hands. The quality of VICENTIA is not only in its products, but also and  above all,  in  the  organisation of the  work, thanks  to the work ethics that applies in  the  company, which  is  at  the s ame  time   in continuous  research and awareness  of new  events  and  changes. The  products  of VICENTIA are talking a very  clear language:  the precious quality without comparisons.